Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Who Needs Search Engіnе Oрtіmіzаtіоn (SEO)?

If you hаvе a wеbѕіtе then уоu know how іmроrtаnt it is to build traffic to your wеbѕіtе. There are algorithms used by the search engines that determine how your site gets indexed relative to the millions of others out there, and ways to maximize your presence.

Search Engine Optimization, a subset of activities that falls within Search Engine Marketing, is the practice of making a website more easily found by search engines by leveraging the use of keywords and key phrases throughout your website to ensure that your site is ranked as high as possible in organic searches by web visitors.

The use of keywords in body content, headlines, meta descriptions for your site pages, and image descriptions will enhance your search ranking if employed at the appropriate density. Too little use of your keywords results in poor ranking, but overuse can result in it not showing up at all.
The use of original content is also critical to how your site ranks in search, and its quality is important as well. Not only does it help in search engine optimization, it helps keep visitors coming back for fresh news, ideas, announcements and other reasons to engage with your company.



On-going, Deliberate Efforts Bring Results

Improving your website’s rank in search is an on-going process, and does not happen overnight. With thousands of new businesses coming online every day, being constantly aware of existing and new competitors, new opportunities and changing markets will help you make decisions that impact how your website “shows up”.

In addition to making your site more easily found in search after search engine optimization, continuing to monitor and update search words, content and page descriptions will make your online marketing programs, such as paid search, online advertising, content sponsorship and active social media more productive as well.

Find the Right SEO Partner

SEO takes time and attention to detail – whether your site is just being built for the first time, getting a design refresh or complete redesign. In every website development project Innovare takes on, SEO is part of the planning discussion, execution and implementation, and on-going maintenance. We strive to help our clients’ websites have the highest possible rankings by suggesting appropriate keywords and phrases, and making recommendations on their use in content. We take advantage of page descriptions (meta descriptions) that show up in a search to include those keywords for maximum searchability.
Innovare RankReport1To keep our website clients abreast of their site ranking, Innovare offers a password protected SEO Portal, providing real-time visibility to site ranking and comparing it to the previous past six months results. This assists our clients who are analyzing what is working – and what may not be – in their SEO and online marketing programs.