Our Approach


Our Approach
From start to completion of every project we undertake, Innovare applies the knowledge gained from years of experience working with development projects of all sizes in a range of industries. Our proven ability to consistently deliver solutions that delight our clients begins with our approach to project management and finely-tuned processes.

Our approach is flexible to meet client requirements, with these key success factors built in:

  • Clear understanding and agreement with the client on requirements and alignment of desired outcomes with business objectives
  • Project and resource planning to meet schedule, budget and quality expectations
  • On-going clear communication throughout the entire project
  • Adherence to development best practices while leveraging the right technology for the project
  • High quality standards ensured through multiple test phases


Initial meeting

During this meeting we will answer any questions you have about us, and listen to what your requirements and goals are for the project. We will then write a short proposal for your project with an estimated cost for a full detail proposal with specifications.

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Scope Of Work

Scope of Work (SOW)

This involves SME (Subject Matter Expertise) and a Solution Architect in order to get a complete understanding of the project’s requirement, deliverables and goals. A detailed specification is developed in order to ensure you get what you need the first time. This features a description of what the application will do and how it will work, along with a definition of any data that needs to be stored. This is the critical piece of the project, when all of the ‘hard thinking’ is done, and is charged according to time spent. Next, a cost-benefit analysis is carried out to help you prioritise which features should be built-in from the start. Once this is completed, we design all the screens so that you can ‘walk through’ them and see what you are getting before the product actually built. This helps us ensure we have understood exactly what you need before we build it.

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Architecture and System Building

The architecture of the project is then laid out by Innovare’s Solutions team. Before we move on to building, we undertake a review involving all major parties to double-check that all goals and requirements are being met. This is done at a fixed cost, based on the specification agreed in Stage 2.

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Internal Testing

Internal Testing

This is the testing phase in which the application will go two rounds of testing by our in-house team before being sent through to you for your approval. The stage consists of a small number of users running through all the features of the application and providing us with feedback, which we use to make the last minor modifications.

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Acceptance Testing and Go Live

In this stage an application will be deployed onto the client’s environment for end user acceptance testing. We will use bug tracking tools to track all the issues and deploy updated version as per the fixes. Once acceptance is completed we will deploy the application to production environment.

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Production Support

During this phase, Innovare provides free support for two months. Additional support options are also available either by monthly fixed price based on time and material. Our Delivery managers will be in touch with you regarding various options.

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