Mobile Technologies

In today’s world, Mobility solutions have become increasingly more prevalent in both the Enterprise and Consumer landscapes.

BYOD/Infrastructure services:
As more and more personal devices become part of the enterprise network topography, companies must provide enterprise services to them. This has increased the need to set up BYOD enterprise services and requires carefully planned security infrastructure to safeguard the content.

Mobile Application services:
On the consumer side, there are many mobile applications in the banking, commerce, healthcare and security domains that are bringing core services very close to consumers. Consumers are demanding more and more services of this sort to use at their convenience. Remote monitoring apps are gaining momentum as more technical advancements happening in medical segments in mobile enablement of the implantable controls and remote monitors.

Latest technical advancements and build once – deploy anywhere kind of concepts are boosting the app development market in various vertical segments. This concept has paved the way for platform agnostic application solutions that can be deployed on any platform once developed on any cross platform framework.

Engineering services:
There is a lot of growth in Unified Communications services as digitalization of day to day activities is being adopted by enterprises and with the proliferation of mobile devices. This coupled with BYOD and Enterprise Mobility will drive corporate IT to provide cost effective and flexible communication solutions.

Testing solutions:
M2M device validation, compliance testing and automation testing are demanding more efficiency and optimization for low cost and faster time to market benefits.

At Innovare we have extensive expertise and experience in Mobile application design , development and core end-to-end solutions development in the healthcare, security and commerce domains,

We offer Architecture, design, development and testing solutions in the below areas:

Enterprise solutions

  • Enterprise Mobility solutions and deployments – Platform and Device Agnostic applications development.
  • Unified Communications integration and applications development across all major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.
  • On the go applications development and management services (BOYD services).

Engineering Solutions

  • Domain specific mobility solutions for various industries including Automotive, Healthcare, Banking, Retail and Telecom 
  • Mobile security frameworks – Device and Application level security.
  • Mobile security solutions and Home automation solutions.

Mobility Enabling solutions

  • Mobile platform-specific solutions.
  • Communication channel-specific services like Bluetooth, WI-Fi, 3G, NFC, Zig bee etc. Mobility Management Solutions.

Test and Validation services

  • Device validation services.
  • Applications testing and validation services.
  • Application integration, and services integration and validation.